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SYNTHETEC® Tree Pit Cover | To Make Your Landscape a Big Difference

Updated: Sep 15

Where trees in the forest have near-perfect conditions, an urban city must suffer harsh situations such as paved surroundings, and global warming, exposure to wind and rain, gratuitous vandalism, and much more.

The tree pit cover protects the roots around the tree from heavily compacted and relieves the root system. The tree pit allows rainfall to infiltrate and drainage without any problems and ensure air exchange effectively.

Steel Tree Pit Cover

When people think of tree pit cover, they usually think of the tree pit is made from steel or cast iron. They are expensive to manufacture and maintained. Due to their weight, they’re also expensive to ship. But now there is a better option for people who wish to save the extract cost and time.

FIBRPRO® SYNTHETEC® Tree Pit Cover, with a limitless array of color choices, can be custom made to fit different designs in shapes and hole patterns, are durable and sustainable, load-bearing, and barrier-free access.

FIBRPRO® SYNTHETEC® Tree Pit Cover can make artistic and function as one!
FIBRPRO® SYNTHETEC® Tree Pit Cover Project

Singapore Changi Airport

Date: MAR 2019

Category: Public Area

Clients: Singapore Changi Airport

Location: Airport Blvd, Singapore

Benefits of Tree Pit Cover:

  • Help integrate trees into the urban environment
  • Help protect trees against rigorous urban surroundings
  • Allow space for trees while providing pedestrian traffic flow under the tree canopy.
  • Suppress weed growth


  • Convenient to install. FIBRPRO®SYNTHETEC® tree pits are easy to on-site cut in shape around tree trunks
  • Rapid installation with minimal operator training and tools
  • Loading Sustainable
  • Cost-effectiveness: Reduced storage, transport costs, and installation costs
  • Access requirements: This affects the size and design of the tree pit that you ultimately use

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