Aug 30

SYNTHETEC® Stone Grating vs Matching Cover

Updated: Sep 3

Here are some advantages of SYNTHETEC® Stone Grating compare with the traditional matching cover.

The traditional matching cove

01 Light-weight:

SYNTHETEC® Stone Grating its specific gravity is about 1.8, its weight is only 1/4 of Matching Cover.

02 Loading Sustainable:

Its strength is tenfold of RPVC ( Rigid PolyVinyl Chloride ) , the raw intensity of SYNTHETEC® stone grating is much stronger than Matching Cover and the vehicular loading is up to 400KN.

03 Design Free:

SYNTHETEC® Stone Grating allows wild-ranging of colors, pattern, Size, Shape, hole pattern, and finish texture design, also matching in environments perfectly.

However, the matching cover, it’s quite limited.

04 Corrosion Resistance:

Corrosion is a major problem within industries such as chemical, steel, food and beverage.

SYNTHETEC® stone grating are particularly designed to provide safe, durable, economical and worry- free solutions in environments where chemicals and other corrosives attack metal, wood and similar materials, compare to Matching Cover it is resistant to rust, not moldy, stale proof, and no need to be painted. It is able to bear many kinds of corrosion of air and liquid.

Therefore, SYNTHETEC® Stone grating will not corrode or get rust in some chemical mediators, it is no need to be check and maintain.

05 Convenient to install:

Compare to matching cover, SYNTHETEC® Stone grating makes the weight of components reduced much, thus it helps to reduce the product weight of structural support. No need to use lifting equipment while installing also can on-site cut in shape, so it is convenient, economical, and convenient.

06 Safety:

When SYNTHETEC® Stone grating is using, it will not produce a spark when crashed with each other.

The weight of SYNTHETEC® stone grating lighter than matching cover, It is suited for some inflammable and explosive environment and avoid the install risk effectively.

07 Non-Slip Surface:

Slips and falls are a major risk in many industries causing injuries and lost workdays. SYNTHETEC® Stone grating is available with a non-slip surface also offers outstanding slip resistance in wet and oily environments and has consistently reduced slips and falls in industrial facilities.

08 Cost Effectiveness:

Compare with Matching Cover, the composite cost of SYNTHETEC® Stone Grating is low, even though the initial investment is higher than the matching cover, it is much more durable and has zero maintenance costs. Also, installation costs are usually less than that of Matching cover.

09 Low Potential of Stealing:

Matching Cover weighing more than 300 pounds in some cases, and typically located on lit and visible streets, Matching Cover do not seem like valuable at first. But in the last few years, as base metal prices have risen, so have thefts of Matching cover.

However, SYNTHETEC® Stone Grating is a low potential of stealing due to the Non-Metallic patent formula.

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