Aug 30

FIBRPRO®SYNTHETEC® Stone Grating & Tree Pit Cover Portfolio

Updated: Sep 17

Government Approval Letters

Approval letter from Hong Kong Housing Authority

Approval letter from Leisure and Cultural Service Department

Approval letter from Architectural Services Department

Tests Report

Loading Tests Report | Complied with BS EN 124 standard for A15, B125, E.V.A.300

  • Class A15 _ Tests Report
  • Class B125 _ Tests Report
  • E.V.A.300 _ Tests Report

Non-slip Surface Tests Report | Complied with DIN 51130 Standard and EN 14231 Standard

Abrasion Resistance Tests Report | Complied with EN 14617 Standard

Accelerated Weathering Tests Report (UV Tests) | Complied with ASTM G154 Standard

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