Aug 30

Example of Fail Grating of Landscape (1)

Updated: Sep 23

Architects and designers had in the past tried to avoid the unsightliness of conventional ferrous grating but those efforts never yielded satisfactorily either durability or functionality such as…

1. Non-durable Anti-slip Treatment

2. Wearing Paint Color

3. Non-Matching Color

4. Slippage Floor

5. Brittle Plastic

6. Separation of Granite | Marble | Tile

7. Rusting

8. Rusting of International Reinforcement

9. Not Enough Drainability

10. Material Spalling off Due To Internal Rusting

11. Stone Damaging

12. Cracking of Surface Tile

SYNTHETEC® Stone is an integrated solution to the grating industry and you no longer have to worry about the grating problems.

The BEFORE & AFTER of using SYNTHETEC® Stone Grating

[O] Lift: SYNTHETEC® Stone Grating
[X] Right: Stainless Steel Bar Grating

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